Experiences in Love: Alonzo Jacque

by Alonzo Jacque

When the story is told about Petite and I, Petite seems to have a bit of memory loss on how we met. I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me Juan. It was 2001″Oct” at Fairchild AFB, Wa. I touched down and still being in shock about being at a base in a state that I had never in my wildest nightmares believe I would visit, there I was. I had a friend from Tech school and he introduced me to a few people and I was chilling doing me. One day he says hey can I borrow your car so I can go see my lady friend at the other dorms. I gave him the keys and that was that. A few days later I was “Somewhere” “don’t remember it’s been 16+ years” anyway and this girl walked in named Petite. We spoke and she was like whats your name? I said “Jacque” and she was like whats up “Jock” then she said”what kind of name is that”! SMH.

A few days pass and this girl named Petite was like I’m going to hook you up with my friend. “We will leave names out this post” I was like cool. So she does and one night me and the friend she hooked me up with are chilling in my room. At this point me and Petite have become cool and while the friend and I are chilling my phone rings and it’s Petite. I tell her that her friend and I are chilling and Petite says put her on the phone. I pass the phone and they talk for two minutes or so and then the friend says bye to Petite and hangs up the phone. She then looks at me and says well I will talk to you later. To this day I don’t know what Petite told her.

Time passes and me and Petite become really good friends. I have always been a person with a close circle of people I trust. I will talk to and help anybody but if we ain’t “cool like that” then I probably don’t rust you. Well, Petite broke through that wall pretty quickly. Now remember she was supposed to be talking to my friend. One day the friends tells me, man Petite ain’t feeling me she likes you. I responded with “you tripping” she is just cool peoples. He said nope, every time she comes to my room she looks out the window to see who is in your room.”our rooms where directly across from each other but in different dorms” Then a good friend of hers told me “Yo Petite likes you”. So I played it cool but really I was like man this beautiful young lady likes me and I really like her too, but like I said “I had trust issues”

So time passes and Petite and I was together daily. We even started going to church together. Petite got hit with a deployment and I was like no this can’t be happening. God had already placed in my heart that we should not be “Shacking up” but the deployment made it real. So Petite and I talked and one day we drove to Idaho and got married just like that. After 6 months of knowing this beautiful woman, I found my wife.We didn’t tell anybody not even our parents. When people found out the haters said we would not last but as you can see, and I will speak for myself, that was the best decision I made in my life.

The people that really know Petite and I know that we are soulmates. We are made for each other and balance each other out. I thank God daily for her and I thank him for the fact the he gave me who I needed before I even knew what I needed. Petite and I individually are pretty awesome “Well she is anyway, I’m aight” but when Petite and I are together and God is leading us, I feel like we can do anything. 15 years 10 bases and two children later, I have the best wife in the world.

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Just Juan February 10, 2018 - 5:50 pm

An inquiring mind wants to know what exactly was said in that phone call.

alonzo1981 February 10, 2018 - 8:17 pm

Petite will never tell and the young lady passed away a few years later.


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