Experiences In Love II: Herbert E. Hunter

by Herbert E. Hunter
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In my now adulthood years, I can truly say that without a leaning dependency on God – The Creator, Author, and Finisher of my faith – I could have never been able to experience love in a more honorable way imagined.  I believe that Love is the most powerful source in the universe and when it is not properly demonstrated by men and women, that is when the experience in Love becomes void of God’s expression of love.  For with God’s Holy Scripts, I also regard Him as an Impeccable Director who uses imperfect men and women to act out and bring forth those blissful “Experiences in Love.”

Before I ever experienced any type of “real love” in my life, I just assumed I would naturally know how to love a lady; oh man, was I ever so wrong.  There were heartbreaks one after another all because I did not know The Lord at that time.  But He knew me, in a time way before my mother conceived me in the womb and even in a time before He laid the foundations of the earth.  Fast-forwarding to me becoming a Born-again Christian, I knew I did not want to remain single all of my life and so I began to seek the Lord for a wife.  My go-to Holy Script was/is Proverbs 18:22 (NKJV): “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord.”  I would read it, speak it, meditate and pray on it over and over again and now ladies and gentlemen, I introduce to you: Mrs. Rachel D. Hunter, my wife, my “Sweet-Sweet” of more than twenty-one years and counting.  My Experience in Love with this incredible, beautiful, and gifted woman of God has been a Blessed one, thus so far.  Thus so far, I say, because the two of us are not perfect individuals but rather imperfect individuals who love each other in a way not in and of ourselves but by the Grace of God Who is perfect.  Collectively and individually, we rely heavily on The Lord to prosper our marital Experience in Love.  Holding steadfast to a renewed mind in Christ Jesus is therefore essential to me because it enables me to have a fresh perspective on cultivating a stable love environment for our marriage.  Knowing that Rachel is my “good thing” is an indescribable feeling.  My beloved Rachel is not a diamond in the rough but a diamond on display.  Besides our shared spiritual Faith-beliefs in Jesus Christ, our physical commonalities are just as special to me in that we’re both left-handed and we’re both December babies.  Her choice of box cereals that she shops for at the local grocery store is simply the best…Grape Nuts are a NO-NO in our household!

In retrospect, I wish I would have looked more intently into the examples of my Mom and Dad’s Experience in Love.  My parents were strong supporters of each other.  When I think of them even now, I noticed that I do share one particular similarity with my Dad in the way he loved my Mom by way of his actions being louder than his words.  But through all of my ups and downs in my Experiences in Love, I find this to be irrefutable, and that is the Love experience come with hurts, hardships, and eventual healings…so, be of good cheer and take heart!

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