Chaela’s Corner: Goal Series-Financial Goals

by Chaela
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Hello Patrons!

As this year ends, I want to take some time to focus on goals. For my next few posts I will be sharing different goals that I have for myself, how I’m accomplishing them and (hopefully) encouraging you all to set and actively work on your own goals.

To be clear, this is NOT about New Year’s Resolutions. I’m not saying not set any NY Resolutions for yourself however, I’ve noticed that after a few weeks, most people (myself included) lost motivation and dedication. Goals can be set at any time-without the excuse of waiting on a New Year.

December Goal

For the month of December, I set some financial goals and started working on them THIS MONTH, even though the financial changes that I’ve made will follow me into next year.

The first that I did was write my goals out, after that I created a plan of action and begin to work on it. Secondly, I begin to research different methods to eliminate debt and decided which would work best for me and started on that this month. I decided on the snowball method, if you have any feedback or recommendations on other methods, please share. Next, I reviewed and revised my budget. I created a budget with for where I was at for this month and another to reflect my income changes that will be taking place next month. By doing so, I’ve created a plan of an action to continue to work on my goal in the near future. Eliminating an excuse for myself because I have a plan to stick to. One of the last things that I did was create a new savings account that aligned with my goals. I literally only had $50 to put into this new account but I did it anyway. EVERY LITTLE STEP COUNTS. I knew that if I couldn’t commit a small amount to start on my goal, I wouldn’t be able to do it with a larger amount. I’d always use that as an excuse.


I share these few things with you all, in hopes that you will consider your financial goals (amongst any others). Consider how you can change your views about financial health. Consider how you can continue to grow financially. Consider how you can break some generational curses in the financial area. I won’t get too deep on y’all but think break out of that poverty mindset for you and those that will come after you. Write out your goals and changes that you will make. Take some time to research what will work for you and your finances. Finally, give yourself time. This is not a New Year’s Resolution; this is a life changing goal…

Peace, Love and Light until next time!

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