2 Years in Bogotá: The Introduction

by Just Juan
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A couple of months ago, I wrote about some new features happening here at The Book of Juan. So far, there have been a couple of contributions in the Chaela’s Corner series and there are contributions forthcoming in the Diplomatic Stories and Valiant Vets series. As I mentioned previously, I’m really proud of the Dreams of a Diplomat series, which has followed my ascension to the Foreign Service Facility Manager position. With me being here in La Atenas Suramericana, I think it’s necessary to chronicle what life is like here in Bogotá outside of my diplomatic experiences. That written, I’m adding another feature to this blog: 2 Years in Bogotá.

With the 2 Years in Bogotá series, I intend to share my personal thoughts and experiences as they occur over the course of this 2-year tour of duty at the U.S. Embassy here. This is an interesting city with a number of dynamics that are both unique and unusual. This series will also include any trips, thoughts, and experiences on other cities, towns, and hidden gems in the Republic of Colombia. The first installment in this new series will be coming up presently.

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