My First Industry Media

by Just Juan

“For me, I’m a Facility Manager lifer” – AnJuan Thomas

So an incredible thing happened yesterday: my first-ever industry media debuted. In March, I attended the National Facilities & Technology Conference & Expo—shortened to NFMT—in Baltimore. In addition to running into a recruiter for the FSFM position, I also had an encounter with Naomi Millán, the Senior Editor for Building Operation Management, a magazine that covers the facilities management industry. We eventually did a podcast interview last month for a FacilitiesNet feature called “FM’s Next Gen”, which covers the industry from the perspective of the younger crop of workers in the field. It was a great experience. We conducted the interview via Google Meet and it was maybe 45-50 minutes long. We covered a wide range of topics from my history in the industry to my thoughts on the differences between military facility management and Federal civil service facility management to the coming influx of young people in the field.

As I alluded, the podcast was released yesterday. For me, it’s a point of pride. I’ve always wanted to do great things in this industry…an industry I’ve committed my professional life to. Hopefully, the podcast interview is well-received by my peers in the industry and perhaps it may lead to other opportunities down the road.

Check out the podcast interview below.

EDITOR NOTE: This post was originally written on 5/31/2019 during my 16-month hiatus from The Book of Juan.

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