A Mother’s Love: Marsha Moore

by Marsha

Motherhood means having you child tell you that she is applying lotion to your arm and you discover that she is applying spit. Motherhood is feeling so excited about your daughter’s first loose tooth that someone may question if it was your first instead. Motherhood is being greeted by an excited child that can’t wait to grab and love on you. Motherhood is questioning if you are doing it right but being reassured by a little voice that tells you that you are the most amazing person on earth. Nothing beats hearing my kids say “I love you” or drawing a picture of me with disproportionate features.

I remember when my husband and I were dating and he told me he wanted 4 kids. My reply was, “who is going to give you 4 kids?” Like in a spades game, I wanted 2 and a possible. What I mean is I wanted 2 kids but if I had an unanticipated third, I would be OK with it. I am a mother of 4 beautiful children. Three of my kids are still on Earth and one is in heaven. I must be honest, my journey to motherhood has not been easy. My first pregnancy was a piece of cake but the others gave me my fair share of bed rest, stomach injections to prevent blood clots, and some challenging deliveries. Despite all of that, I can say that it has been so worth it.

If I am having a rough day, the best way to get me to lighten up is to ask me about my kids. Motherhood activates so much in me. It ignites my passion for photography, mainly because I want to capture the significant moments in their lives forever. I know that sounds cheesy but it is the truth. I have take over one thousand pictures of my kids in one day.

Motherhood made me extra quick on my feet. You have to be when your oversharing child announces “I farted” in a clothing store instead of simply saying “excuse me”. The love of a mother is so many things. Sometimes, it is feeling like you failed your child because you wish you realized that they were sick sooner than you did. Overall, I try to stay away from mommy guilt because I know, in my heart, I am trying my best. That is a mother’s love.

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