Flashback Friday Moment of The Week: 6/10/2016

by Just Juan

I made what should be my last trip down to the Florida Panhandle buildings this week and while I was down that way, I took the time to stop through Pier Park in Panama City Beach. I wanted to get one last order of “Guardian Angels” fries from French Fry Heaven. I haven’t munched down on them in 3 months since I got reassigned to the facilities in Fort McClelland and Fort Benning. I arrived to find out that the place is closed down. No fries for me…such a bummer. I suppose it’s only right that I write about the experience. That brings me to this week’s moment in the Flashback Friday series: French Fry Heaven.

How I first came across this moment? I first came across French Fry Heaven in March 2014. I had just wrapped up my visits to the facilities in Dothan, Fort Rucker, and Panama City. I decided to stay at one of the Hilton brand hotels in Panama City Beach for the night before taking on the facilities in Mary Esther (Hurlburt Field), Milton, and Pensacola (NAS Corry Station). I ventured into nearby Pier Park to see About Last Night at the movie theatre. As I was looking for street parking, I noticed French Fry Heaven and the “Now Open” banner out front. I parked and walked in to see what it was about. I was intrigued and ordered regular fries with ghost pepper salt.

What it meant to me then? Upon first taste, I was instantly hooked. The crispiness of the fries and the even distribution of seasoning on them delighted my palate. It quickly became my go-to spot when I’d wrap up the first leg of the facility visits in Southeast Alabama and the Florida Panhandle. What started as me getting “Angel” fries—that’s what they called classic fries—with ketchup or any of their salt combinations turned into me testing out the “Archangels”—or specialty fries—like garlic parmesan, baked tater fries, Arizona Cheese (chili seasoning and cheese) and French Quarter (Cajun seasoning with remoulade sauce). The best of the bunch were the “Guardian Angel” fries, which were their chili cheese fries. I loved everything about the taste of the fries early on…even the strawberry lemonade was tasty.

What it means to me now? I haven’t been in French Fry Heaven since I was last down on the Panhandle around spring break. I ordered the “Guardian Angel” fries and added BBQ sauce and chicken salt. It was a heavenly taste…all pun intended. Never did I imagine it would be my last taste from French Fry Heaven. It’s very disappointing to find that the store is closed. I really liked the fries and I loved the service…always pleasant, always efficient. The only other location that I know of is in Jacksonville and I got my reasons for steering clear of The River City. French Fry Heaven will be missed.

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