Flashback Friday Moment of The Week: 8/29/2014

by Just Juan

This morning, I was looking through old entries I wrote on this date in Triumphs & Tribulations and there was an entry about a homework assignment I was particularly agitated about in 2008…from Airman Leadership School. Those were the days. Those ALS days bring me to this week’s moment in the Flashback Friday series: the ALS exercise video.

How I first came across this moment? It was back in late August 2008. Both flights of my class—Yokota 08G—came together for an exercise in which we portrayed an English settlers and Native Americans scene to describe how differences in languages and communication styles can lead to a lot of confusion. The exercise was about 15 minutes long but my then Sony CyberShot only got 10 minutes of the footage.

What it meant to me then? It was just another of the many things we did in ALS for a grade. I did get some ribbing from my classmates about my performance in the video though.

What it means to me now? Looking back on it, I can’t believe I actually played that role the way I did.

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