Flashback Friday Moment of The Week: 5/2/2014

by Just Juan

I was listening to random music from my very deep Windows Media Player library on last night and one of my all-time favorite played: Amel Larrieux’s “We Can Be New”. It’s something about that song that takes me back to great moments in love but also lends hope for even greater moments. That song is this week’s moment in the Flashback Friday series.

How I first came across this moment? I actually first came across the song in 2004, a few months after the death of my first love. We had attended an Amel show a couple of weeks before her death and the artist did mention a new album on the horizon.

What it meant to me then? I fell in love with the track on the first listen. It was a perfect representation of my first dabble in love and those moments of “Camelot”. We had both come off heartbreaking moments in relationships when our paths intertwined. I think that the hurts we had individually and how we chose to protect the other’s heart was the reason why our love withstood all the opposition and drama we encountered. The entire first half of the track was basically our love story.

What it means to me now? It’s still one of the top tracks in my Windows Media Player and it’ll likely be in one of the album reviews on this blog at some point. Now, the track serves as motivation for future love and how I should approach the moment. The bridge, in particular, is the defining moment of the track to me: Want to begin, want to begin to grow our new future love/Where the ground is still fertile/Full of hope and life/Never again, never again will pain and lies do you in/Let’s bury them beside us/So they can remind us/Of when we. Depending on the circumstances, this track could be in my wedding program when that day comes along.

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