Flashback Friday Moment of The Week: 2/14/2014

by Just Juan

Today is St. Valentine’s Day so it should go without saying that this week’s Flashback Friday Moment of the Week will have a bit of a love theme. I’m reminded of the last moment with my last legitimate valentine.

How I first came across this moment? The photo is of me and my “first love” from October 2003. She had taken a few days off from school at UAB to come out to visit me in Wichita Falls, Texas as I was in Air Force technical training school at the time. In the 5 days she was in town, we did a lot. We went to the State Fair of Texas and an Amel Larrieux concert, amongst other things. The night before she left, we went to one of the clubs in town and had ourselves a nice, little time. A lot of hugging, a lot of kissing, a lot of dancing…you know, the simple stuff a then 21-year-old woman and a then 18-year-old guy would do.

What it meant to me then? In that exact moment, it was nothing out of the norm. Me and her had gone to clubs in Birmingham on a few occasions and we genuinely had love for each other so the kissing, the hugging…that was all normal. I was set to graduate from tech school a couple of weeks after her visit so I was gonna see her pretty shortly anyway. There was absolutely no way I would’ve guessed that night would be the last time I’d get to hug her, kiss her, and dance with her as she died in a car accident on the night of my return.

What it means to me now? It was my plan to actually ask her to marry me…something I was gonna do at Thanksgiving dinner that year. The opportunity never came because of her untimely death. As I look back on my dating and relationship history in the nearly 11 years since, it’s been all bad. To date, my time with her represents my last successful dating relationship. That last night we went clubbing in Wichita Falls represents my last moment with her. It’s something that I still hold dear to me as a reminder that this life is way too short…one day you could have it all, the next it could all be gone.

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